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Irradiation of blood products: do we need to do that?Academic Article Why?
Aldarweesh, FatimaPerson Why?
PVC-plasticizer DEHP in medical products: do thin coatings really reduce DEHP leaching into blood?Academic Article Why?
Comparison of time to engraftment between autologous patients receiving washed versus non-washed cryopreserved peripheral blood stem cell products.Academic Article Why?
Successful autologous stem cell collection in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in complete cytogenetic response, with quantitative measurement of BCR-ABL expression in blood, marrow, and apheresis products.Academic Article Why?
Identification of integrin alpha(M)beta(2) as an adhesion receptor on peripheral blood monocytes for Cyr61 (CCN1) and connective tissue growth factor (CCN2): immediate-early gene products expressed in atherosclerotic lesions.Academic Article Why?
A study of disseminated intravascular coagulation in acute leukemia reveals markedly elevated D-dimer levels are a sensitive indicator of acute promyelocytic leukemia.Academic Article Why?
Engraftment for CD34 selected stem cell products is not compromised by cryopreservation.Academic Article Why?
Effect of streptokinase on fibrinogen and related proteins in plasma.Academic Article Why?
Prospective Evaluation of a Practical Guideline for Managing Positive Sterility Test Results in Cell Therapy Products.Academic Article Why?
Van Besien, KoenPerson Why?
Perkins, JamesPerson Why?
Missiakas, DominiquePerson Why?
Bissonnette, BrucePerson Why?
Disseminated intravascular multiple systems activation (DIMSA) following thermal injury.Academic Article Why?
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