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De Wit, HarrietPerson Why?
Substance-related disorders in adults.Academic Article Why?
Explaining the escalation of drug use in substance dependence: models and appropriate animal laboratory tests.Academic Article Why?
Grant, JonPerson Why?
Pollack, HaroldPerson Why?
Substance-Related DisordersConcept Why?
Influence of procedural learning on Iowa Gambling Task performance among HIV+ individuals with history of substance dependence.Academic Article Why?
Zacny, JamesPerson Why?
Schneider, JohnPerson Why?
Vezina, PaulPerson Why?
Leikin, JerroldPerson Why?
Coccaro, EmilPerson Why?
Mitchell, JamesPerson Why?
[Alcohol and drug abuse as risk factors for violence and delinquency in schizophrenic patients].Academic Article Why?
A major QTL on chromosome 11 influences psychostimulant and opioid sensitivity in mice.Academic Article Why?
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