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Nicotine Addiction: ACh Receptors and SecretionGrant Why?
Nicotine-induced upregulation of nicotinic receptors: underlying mechanisms and relevance to nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and synaptic mechanisms of nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
Cholinergic modulation of dopaminergic reward areas: upstream and downstream targets of nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
A common biological basis of obesity and nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
Nicotinic and opioid receptor interactions in nicotine addiction.Academic Article Why?
Green, WilliamPerson Why?
Discovery of a novel nicotinic receptor antagonist for the treatment of nicotine addiction: 1-(3-Picolinium)-12-triethylammonium-dodecane dibromide (TMPD).Academic Article Why?
Fox, AaronPerson Why?
Sex-specific nicotine sensitization and imprinting of self-administration in rats inform GWAS findings on human addiction phenotypes.Academic Article Why?
Different components of nicotine-induced upregulation of nicotinic receptorsGrant Why?
PET imaging of a4b2 nicotinic receptor upregulation and smoking cessationGrant Why?
The Neuronal alpha-bungarotoxin Binding SiteGrant Why?
Xu, MingPerson Why?
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