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Effects of multiple enzyme-substrate interactions in basic units of cellular signal processing.Academic Article Why?
Signal processing through a generalized module of adaptation and spatial sensing.Academic Article Why?
A multi-threshold sampling method for TOF PET signal processingAcademic Article Why?
A Multi-Threshold Sampling Method for TOF PET Signal Processing.Academic Article Why?
Context contingent signal processing in the cerebellar flocculus and ventral paraflocculus during gaze saccades.Academic Article Why?
Signal Processing, Computer-AssistedConcept Why?
Comparison of MPEG-1 digital videotape with digitized sVHS videotape for quantitative echocardiographic measurements.Academic Article Why?
Technical guidelines for performing automated border detection studies.Academic Article Why?
Van Drongelen, WimPerson Why?
The YSIRK-G/S motif of staphylococcal protein A and its role in efficiency of signal peptide processing.Academic Article Why?
Signal processing related to the vestibulo-ocular reflex during combined angular rotation and linear translation of the head.Academic Article Why?
Prediction of atrial fibrillation recurrence after cardioversion by P wave signal-averaged electrocardiography.Academic Article Why?
Acoustic quantification indexes of left ventricular size and function: effects of signal averaging.Academic Article Why?
Extracellular detection of delayed afterdepolarization of cardiac fibers using signal averaging technique.Academic Article Why?
Universal signal generator for dynamic cell stimulation.Academic Article Why?
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