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Practice Management, MedicalConcept Why?
Barriers to collecting patient race, ethnicity, and primary language data in physician practices: an exploratory study.Academic Article Why?
Effects of 2 Forms of Practice Facilitation on Cardiovascular Prevention in Primary Care: A Practice-randomized, Comparative Effectiveness Trial.Academic Article Why?
Medical home characteristics and the pediatric patient experience.Academic Article Why?
Meeting meaningful use criteria and managing patient populations.Academic Article Why?
Physicians in retainer ("concierge") practice. A national survey of physician, patient, and practice characteristics.Academic Article Why?
Reducing trauma payment denials with computerized collaborative billing.Academic Article Why?
The fundamentals of negotiation.Academic Article Why?
The physician's office laboratory in modern medical practice.Academic Article Why?
Urologist Practice Affiliation and Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer in the Elderly.Academic Article Why?
US physician practices versus Canadians: spending nearly four times as much money interacting with payers.Academic Article Why?
Visit duration for outpatient physician office visits among patients with cancer.Academic Article Why?
What does it cost physician practices to interact with health insurance plans?Academic Article Why?
How 3 rural safety net clinics integrate care for patients: a qualitative case study.Academic Article Why?
Levinson, WendyPerson Why?
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