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Pinto, JayantPerson Why?
Genome-wide Meta-analysis on the Sense of Smell Among US Older Adults.Academic Article Why?
McClintock, MarthaPerson Why?
Olfaction: anatomy, physiology, and disease.Academic Article Why?
Olfaction.Academic Article Why?
Effects of Ambient Air Pollution Exposure on Olfaction: A Review.Academic Article Why?
Olfaction in the elderly: a cross-sectional analysis comparing Parkinson's disease with controls and other disorders.Academic Article Why?
Relationship Between Poor Olfaction and Mortality Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cohort Study.Academic Article Why?
Sleep and Olfaction among Older Adults.Academic Article Why?
Kay, LesliePerson Why?
Genome-Wide Association Analysis of the Sense of Smell in U.S. Older Adults: Identification of Novel Risk Loci in African-Americans and European-Americans.Academic Article Why?
Field Survey Measures of Olfaction: The Olfactory Function Field Exam (OFFE).Academic Article Why?
Olfaction and Changes in Body Composition in a Large Cohort of Older U.S. Adults.Academic Article Why?
Self-Reported Versus Objectively Assessed Olfaction and Parkinson's Disease Risk.Academic Article Why?
Olfaction DisordersConcept Why?
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