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The amphipod crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis: An emerging comparative model of arthropod development, evolution, and regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Global control regions and regulatory landscapes in vertebrate development and evolution.Academic Article Why?
Modularity in animal development and evolution: elements of a conceptual framework for EvoDevo.Academic Article Why?
Cis-regulatory programs in the development and evolution of vertebrate paired appendages.Academic Article Why?
Gene regulatory networks and network models in development and evolution.Academic Article Why?
Genomics of alternative splicing: evolution, development and pathophysiology.Academic Article Why?
Some problems with typological thinking in evolution and development.Academic Article Why?
Schmidt-Ott, Urs C.Person Why?
Resurrecting the role of transcription factor change in developmental evolution.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary innovations in the fossil record: the intersection of ecology, development, and macroevolution.Academic Article Why?
Unraveling the Tangled Skein: The Evolution of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Development.Academic Article Why?
Shubin, Neil H.Person Why?
The evolution of gnathostome development: Insight from chondrichthyan embryology.Academic Article Why?
Genetic links between brain development and brain evolution.Academic Article Why?
Using patterns of fin and limb phylogeny to test developmental-evolutionary scenarios.Academic Article Why?
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