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Dirschl, Douglas R.Person Why?
Vokes, TamaraPerson Why?
Fractures of the radius and ulna in adults: an analysis of factors affecting outcome.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric proximal phalanx fractures: outcomes and complications after the surgical treatment of displaced fractures.Academic Article Why?
Strelzow, JasonPerson Why?
ACR appropriateness criteria management of vertebral compression fractures.Academic Article Why?
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons clinical practice guideline on: the treatment of osteoporotic spinal compression fractures.Academic Article Why?
The treatment of symptomatic osteoporotic spinal compression fractures.Academic Article Why?
Wolf, JenniferPerson Why?
Ballistic Supracondylar Distal Femur Fractures Have Lower Rates of Intra-articular Extension Than Blunt Distal Femur Fractures.Academic Article Why?
Re: Delayed presentation of ipsilateral femoral neck fractures in diaphyseal femur fractures, Gibson W.K., Hubbard J., JSOA 14(2): 77-81, 2005.Academic Article Why?
[Long term results of forearm shaft fractures in children].Academic Article Why?
ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Management of Vertebral Compression Fractures.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of postoperative knee sepsis after retrograde nail insertion of open femoral shaft fractures.Academic Article Why?
Computed tomography scanning with image reconstruction in evaluation of distal radius fractures.Academic Article Why?
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