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Chang, Paul J.Person Why?
Using informatics to improve cancer surveillance.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers: Scientific Drivers for Informatics, Data Science, and Care in Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer.Academic Article Why?
A Clinical Informatics Approach to Reengagement in HIV Care in the Emergency Department.Academic Article Why?
Craniofacial imaging informatics and technology development.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the portability of informatics capabilities from a clinical application to a bioscience application.Academic Article Why?
Machine Learning and Clinical Informatics for Improving HIV Care Continuum Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
People, organizational, and leadership factors impacting informatics support for clinical and translational research.Academic Article Why?
Psychogeriatrics and medical informatics.Academic Article Why?
Unintended consequences of health information technology: a need for biomedical informatics.Academic Article Why?
Pessin, MelissaPerson Why?
Population Heath Informatics Can Advance Interoperability: National Program of Cancer Registries Electronic Pathology Reporting Project.Academic Article Why?
Kao, Cheng-KaiPerson Why?
Informatics in radiology: An open-source and open-access cancer biomedical informatics grid annotation and image markup template builder.Academic Article Why?
Pathology informatics fellowship retreats: The use of interactive scenarios and case studies as pathology informatics teaching tools.Academic Article Why?
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