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Measurement of nitric oxide in biological models.Academic Article Why?
Allesina, StefanoPerson Why?
Childhood trauma and personality disorder: toward a biological model.Academic Article Why?
A proposal for augmenting biological model construction with a semi-intelligent computational modeling assistant.Academic Article Why?
Models, BiologicalConcept Why?
Gardel, MargaretPerson Why?
Dinner, AaronPerson Why?
Krishnan, JerryPerson Why?
Dwyer, GregoryPerson Why?
Pearson, AlexanderPerson Why?
Swartz, MelodyPerson Why?
Glick, BenjaminPerson Why?
'Type' in morphology and phylogeny.Academic Article Why?
[Studies of stability mechanisms of early embryonal development of fruit fly Drosophila].Academic Article Why?
A biorobotic model of the sunfish pectoral fin for investigations of fin sensorimotor control.Academic Article Why?
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