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End-of-life care.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy not race predicts end-of-life care preferences.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning among African American patients on haemodialysis and their end-of-life care preferences.Academic Article Why?
Costs and end-of-life care in the NICU: lessons for the MICU?Academic Article Why?
Costs of end-of-life care.Academic Article Why?
Dignity in end-of-life care: results of a national survey of U.S. physicians.Academic Article Why?
Physician factors associated with discussions about end-of-life care.Academic Article Why?
Sulmasy, DanielPerson Why?
Do the ward notes reflect the quality of end-of-life care?Academic Article Why?
Determining the Association Between End-of-Life Care Resources and Patient Outcomes in Pennsylvania ICUs.Academic Article Why?
Paediatric trainees and end-of-life care: a needs assessment for a formal educational intervention.Academic Article Why?
Terminal CareConcept Why?
Associations Between Personality and End-of-Life Care Preferences Among Men With Prostate Cancer: A Clustering Approach.Academic Article Why?
Care after the onset of serious illness: a novel claims-based dataset exploiting substantial cross-set linkages to study end-of-life care.Academic Article Why?
End-of-Life Care among US Adults with ESKD Who Were Waitlisted or Received a Kidney Transplant, 2005-2014.Academic Article Why?
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