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The 5th world symposium for lymphedema surgery-Recent updates in lymphedema surgery and setting up of a global knowledge exchange platform.Academic Article Why?
Breast reconstruction and lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
5-step harvest of supraclavicular lymph nodes as vascularized free tissue transfer for treatment of lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
A Pre-clinical Animal Model of Secondary Head and Neck Lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
A prospective analysis of 100 consecutive lymphovenous bypass cases for treatment of extremity lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
Agenesis of the corpus callosum and congenital lymphedema: A novel recognizable syndrome?Academic Article Why?
Coping and quality of life of patients following microsurgical treatment for breast cancer-related lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
Dermal collagen and lipid deposition correlate with tissue swelling and hydraulic conductivity in murine primary lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
Diphtheria toxin-mediated ablation of lymphatic endothelial cells results in progressive lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
Discussion: Early diagnosis and risk factors for lymphedema following lymph node dissection for gynecologic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Examining pain, body image, and depressive symptoms in patients with lymphedema secondary to breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Immediate breast reconstruction and lymphedema incidence.Academic Article Why?
Introduction of the 8th world symposium for lymphedema surgery.Academic Article Why?
Lymphaticovenous bypass decreases pathologic skin changes in upper extremity breast cancer-related lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
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