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The effects of extending the spectral information acquired by a photon-counting detector for spectral CT.Academic Article Why?
A Spectral CT Method to Directly Estimate Basis Material Maps From Experimental Photon-Counting Data.Academic Article Why?
Vokes, TamaraPerson Why?
Ward, R. ParkerPerson Why?
Saturated two-photon excitation fluorescence microscopy with core-ring illumination.Academic Article Why?
"Instant-mix" whole brain photon with neutron boost radiotherapy for malignant gliomas.Academic Article Why?
In vivo two-photon imaging of experience-dependent molecular changes in cortical neurons.Academic Article Why?
Long-term intravital immunofluorescence imaging of tissue matrix components with epifluorescence and two-photon microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Optically generated 2-dimensional photonic cluster state from coupled quantum dots.Academic Article Why?
Output calibration in solid water for high energy photon beams.Academic Article Why?
Quantum physics: Putting a spin on photon entanglement.Academic Article Why?
Spin-photon entanglement interfaces in silicon carbide defect centers.Academic Article Why?
Two-photon fluorescence imaging of intracellular hydrogen peroxide with chemoselective fluorescent probes.Academic Article Why?
Measurement of the isolated prompt photon production cross section in pp collisions at vs=7??TeV.Academic Article Why?
Absorptiometry, PhotonConcept Why?
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