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Consumer AdvocacyConcept Why?
Advocacy 101: a step beyond complaining. How the individual practitioner can become involved and make a difference.Academic Article Why?
Advocate as a doctor or advocate as a citizen?Academic Article Why?
Montalto, GreggPerson Why?
Reducing death and disability from stroke: the role of governmental advocacy.Academic Article Why?
Teaching Health Advocacy: A Systematic Review of Educational Interventions for Postgraduate Medical Trainees.Academic Article Why?
The patient and the public good.Academic Article Why?
Richardson, LisaPerson Why?
A birth records analysis of the Maternal Infant Health Advocate Service program: a paraprofessional intervention aimed at addressing infant mortality in African Americans.Academic Article Why?
Are they patients or customers?Academic Article Why?
Goldstein, LarryPerson Why?
Internet resources in medical genetics.Academic Article Why?
Regulation with placebo effects.Academic Article Why?
Systems integration and managed care: ethical & legal issues.Academic Article Why?
Hellman, SamuelPerson Why?
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