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Demographic reconstruction from ancient DNA supports rapid extinction of the great auk.Academic Article Why?
Going local with ancient DNA: A review of human histories from regional perspectives.Academic Article Why?
Parental relatedness through time revealed by runs of homozygosity in ancient DNA.Academic Article Why?
Ancient DNA and human evolution.Academic Article Why?
Ancient DNA reveals matrilineal continuity in present-day Poland over the last two millennia.Academic Article Why?
Biogeography and taxonomy of extinct and endangered monk seals illuminated by ancient DNA and skull morphology.Academic Article Why?
Insights into hominin phenotypic and dietary evolution from ancient DNA sequence data.Academic Article Why?
DNA, AncientConcept Why?
Sedimentary ancient DNA reveals a threat of warming-induced alpine habitat loss to Tibetan Plateau plant diversity.Academic Article Why?
Raghavan, MaanasaPerson Why?
Di Rienzo, AnnaPerson Why?
Recommendations for Sustainable Ancient DNA Research in the Global South: Voices From a New Generation of Paleogenomicists.Academic Article Why?
A genetic history of continuity and mobility in the Iron Age central Mediterranean.Academic Article Why?
Ancient Mammalian and Plant DNA from Late Quaternary Stalagmite Layers at Solkota Cave, Georgia.Academic Article Why?
Evolution of immune genes is associated with the Black Death.Academic Article Why?
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