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Pathological angiogenesis in a murine model of human Wilms' tumor.Academic Article Why?
Kandel, Jessica J.Person Why?
Neovascularization, PathologicConcept Why?
Lingen, Mark W.Person Why?
Cohn, Susan L.Person Why?
Salgia, RaviPerson Why?
Stadler, Walter M.Person Why?
Liao, JamesPerson Why?
"Tumoral pseudoblush" identified within gliomas at high-spatial-resolution ultrahigh-field-strength gradient-echo MR imaging corresponds to microvascularity at stereotactic biopsy.Academic Article Why?
'Cross-talk' between Schwannian stroma and neuroblasts promotes neuroblastoma tumor differentiation and inhibits angiogenesis.Academic Article Why?
[Inhibition of growth and angiogenesis of U251 cell xenograft in vivo by short hairpin RNA targeting survivin gene].Academic Article Why?
A model system for tumor angiogenesis: involvement of transforming growth factor-alpha in tube formation of human microvascular endothelial cells induced by esophageal cancer cells.Academic Article Why?
A notch1 ectodomain construct inhibits endothelial notch signaling, tumor growth, and angiogenesis.Academic Article Why?
A novel interplay between Rap1 and PKA regulates induction of angiogenesis in prostate cancer.Academic Article Why?
Acquired expression of periostin by human breast cancers promotes tumor angiogenesis through up-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 expression.Academic Article Why?
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