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Peer social status of children with anxiety disorders.Academic Article Why?
Mann, AndreaPerson Why?
Anxiety, inhibition, and conduct disorder in children: I. Relations to social impairment.Academic Article Why?
Anxiety, inhibition, and conduct disorder in children: II. Relation to salivary cortisol.Academic Article Why?
Gibbons, RobertPerson Why?
Developmental transitions among affective and behavioral disorders in adolescent boys.Academic Article Why?
Childhood adversity and anxiety versus dysthymia co-morbidity in major depression.Academic Article Why?
Lahey, BenjaminPerson Why?
Radwan, KaramPerson Why?
Sleep complaints and psychiatric symptoms in children evaluated at a pediatric mental health clinic.Academic Article Why?
Young, MatthewPerson Why?
Grant, Jon E.Person Why?
Picking and nibbling in children and adolescents with eating disorders.Academic Article Why?
Afzal, KhalidPerson Why?
A prospective study of the effectiveness of group and individual psychotherapy for women CSA survivors.Academic Article Why?
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