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Ahsan, HabibulPerson Why?
Argos, MariaPerson Why?
Pierce, Brandon L.Person Why?
Reduction in urinary arsenic levels in response to arsenic mitigation efforts in Araihazar, Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
FTO and RNA methylation in arsenic tumorigenicityGrant Why?
Blood arsenic as a biomarker of arsenic exposure: results from a prospective study.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and clinical endocrine impacts of arsenic exposure in childrenGrant Why?
A study of telomere length, arsenic exposure, and arsenic toxicity in a Bangladeshi cohort.Academic Article Why?
A prospective study of arsenic exposure, arsenic methylation capacity, and risk of cardiovascular disease in Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic exposure from drinking water, arsenic methylation capacity, and carotid intima-media thickness in Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic metabolism efficiency has a causal role in arsenic toxicity: Mendelian randomization and gene-environment interaction.Academic Article Why?
Folate, homocysteine, and arsenic metabolism in arsenic-exposed individuals in Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic and the Human Genome: susceptibility and response to exposureGrant Why?
Arsenic exposure at low-to-moderate levels and skin lesions, arsenic metabolism, neurological functions, and biomarkers for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases: review of recent findings from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study (HEALS) in Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Association between arsenic exposure from drinking water and hematuria: results from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study.Academic Article Why?
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