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Margoliash, DanielPerson Why?
Auditory PerceptionConcept Why?
Nusbaum, HowardPerson Why?
A complex mTOR response in habituation paradigms for a social signal in adult songbirds.Academic Article Why?
Age-related connectivity changes in fMRI data from children listening to stories.Academic Article Why?
Auditory and tactile processing in a postmeningitic deaf-blind patient with a cochlear implant.Academic Article Why?
Auditory working memory in HIV-1 infection.Academic Article Why?
Auditory working memory predicts individual differences in absolute pitch learning.Academic Article Why?
Auditory-motor expertise alters "speech selectivity" in professional musicians and actors.Academic Article Why?
Automated recognition of bird song elements from continuous recordings using dynamic time warping and hidden Markov models: a comparative study.Academic Article Why?
Brain stem feedback in a computational model of birdsong sequencing.Academic Article Why?
Characterising physician listening behaviour during hospitalist handoffs using the HEAR checklist.Academic Article Why?
Comparative localization of auditory comprehension by using functional magnetic resonance imaging and cortical stimulation.Academic Article Why?
Differential development of retroactive and proactive interference during post-learning wakefulness.Academic Article Why?
Differential profiles in auditory social cognition deficits between adults with autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A preliminary analysis.Academic Article Why?
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