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Evolution and loss of ß-catenin and TCF-dependent axis specification in insects.Academic Article Why?
Schmidt-Ott, Urs C.Person Why?
The zinc finger transcriptional repressor Blimp1/Prdm1 is dispensable for early axis formation but is required for specification of primordial germ cells in the mouse.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variation and function of body axis determinants in midges and other fliesGrant Why?
Grove, ElizabethPerson Why?
Ferguson, Edwin L.Person Why?
Sciammas, RogerPerson Why?
Zhou, BinPerson Why?
Ho, Robert K.Person Why?
Sharma, KamalPerson Why?
Prince, Victoria E.Person Why?
Patel, NipamPerson Why?
Moskowitz, IvanPerson Why?
Kee, Barbara LynnePerson Why?
Kratsios, PaschalisPerson Why?
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