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Bacterial Physiological PhenomenaConcept Why?
A veritable menagerie of heritable bacteria from ants, butterflies, and beyond: broad molecular surveys and a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial moving and shaking: the 11th blast meeting.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial quorum sensing in complex and dynamically changing environments.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial translocation in the neonate.Academic Article Why?
Classic Spotlight: Studies of the Stringent Response.Academic Article Why?
Cytochrome c in the microbial world.Academic Article Why?
Defining seasonal marine microbial community dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Determinant of bacterial translocation in the newborn: small bowel versus large bowel colonization.Academic Article Why?
Distinct microbial communities associated with buried soils in the Siberian tundra.Academic Article Why?
Dual role of commensal bacteria in viral infections.Academic Article Why?
Effect of amniotic fluid on bacterial recovery and growth: clinical implications.Academic Article Why?
Hypoxia-induced bacterial translocation in the puppy.Academic Article Why?
Interbacterial mechanisms of colonization resistance and the strategies pathogens use to overcome them.Academic Article Why?
Luminal bacterial flora determines physiological expression of intestinal epithelial cytoprotective heat shock proteins 25 and 72.Academic Article Why?
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