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Another battle won in the phage-host arms race: Pseudomonas phage blocks quorum sensing regulator LasR.Academic Article Why?
Engineering Phage Host-Range and Suppressing Bacterial Resistance through Phage Tail Fiber Mutagenesis.Academic Article Why?
Transposable phages, DNA reorganization and transfer.Academic Article Why?
Rothman-Denes, LuciaPerson Why?
Mimee, MarkPerson Why?
Cloning of restriction fragments of DNA from staphylococcal bacteriophage phi 11.Academic Article Why?
Polyadenylation and reverse transcription of bacteriophage phi 6 double-stranded RNA.Academic Article Why?
Hitchhiking, collapse, and contingency in phage infections of migrating bacterial populations.Academic Article Why?
Transcription and replication of bacteriophage phi6 RNA.Academic Article Why?
A Phage-Assisted Continuous Selection Approach for Deep Mutational Scanning of Protein-Protein Interactions.Academic Article Why?
Portal protein diversity and phage ecology.Academic Article Why?
The mortality of bacteriophage containing assimilated radioactive phosphorus.Academic Article Why?
Bacteriophage-based synthetic biology for the study of infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Displacement of parental RNA strands during in vitro transcription by bacteriophage phi 6 nucleocapsids.Academic Article Why?
Host happy hour: Phage cocktail targets IBD-associated microbes.Academic Article Why?
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