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Padela, AasimPerson Why?
Contextualizing the role of religion in the global bioethics discourse: A response to the new publication policy of Developing World Bioethics.Academic Article Why?
Patricia Price Brown Prize in Biomedical EthicsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Theory and Practice of Pediatric Bioethics.Academic Article Why?
Bioethics, conflicts of interest, & the limits of transparency.Academic Article Why?
The intractable and the novel: looking ahead in bioethics.Academic Article Why?
Ethical Principles, Process, and the Work of Bioethics Commissions.Academic Article Why?
Forty years later: the scope of bioethics revisited.Academic Article Why?
Introduction: Bioethics and intellectual disability--scientific promise, social context and policy.Academic Article Why?
Islamic bioethics: between sacred law, lived experiences, and state authority.Academic Article Why?
The Best Interest Standard: Same Name but Different Roles in Pediatric Bioethics and Child Rights Frameworks.Academic Article Why?
Using the Maqa?id al-Shari'ah to Furnish an Islamic Bioethics: Conceptual and Practical Issues.Academic Article Why?
Ross, LainiePerson Why?
Medical experts & Islamic scholars deliberating over brain death: gaps in the applied Islamic bioethics discourse.Academic Article Why?
Brain death in Islamic ethico-legal deliberation: challenges for applied Islamic bioethics.Academic Article Why?
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