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Core Lung Biopsy for Biomarker Analysis: Is There Increased Risk Compared With Conventional Biopsy?Academic Article Why?
To biopsy or not to biopsy?Academic Article Why?
Breast hormonal receptors test should be repeated on excisional biopsy after negative core needle biopsy.Academic Article Why?
Use of biopsy sheath to improve standardization of renal mass biopsy in tissue-ablative procedures.Academic Article Why?
Safety of percutaneous liver biopsy in infants less than three months old.Academic Article Why?
Processing dermatological biopsies.Academic Article Why?
An analysis of early renal transplant protocol biopsies--the high incidence of subclinical tubulitis.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of Impact of Post-Treatment Biopsies in Phase I Clinical Trials.Academic Article Why?
Best practice in diagnostic immunohistochemistry: prostate carcinoma and its mimics in needle core biopsies.Academic Article Why?
Casting doubt on the scientific utility of post-treatment biopsies in phase 1 trials.Academic Article Why?
Do we really know the value of surveillance lung biopsies?Academic Article Why?
Endoscopic renal papillary biopsies: a tissue retrieval technique for histological studies in patients with nephrolithiasis.Academic Article Why?
Follicular lesions of the thyroid: a retrospective study of 1,348 fine needle aspiration biopsies.Academic Article Why?
Membranous nephropathy transplanted in the donor kidney: observations of resolving glomerulopathy in serial allograft biopsies.Academic Article Why?
Multiple biopsies and detection of cervical cancer precursors at colposcopy.Academic Article Why?
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