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Expanding epidemiology and biostatistics curricula in undergraduate medical education to promote evidence-based practice.Academic Article Why?
A seven-year retrospective view of a course in epidemiology and biostatistics.Academic Article Why?
BiostatisticsConcept Why?
Harvard Award in Psychiatric Epidemiology and BiostatisticsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Professor Emeritus of BiostatisticsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
The Joseph L. Fleiss Memorial Prize in Biostatistics for an Outstanding DissertationAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Travel Award - Biostatistics WorkshopAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Gibbons, RobertPerson Why?
Slidell, MarkPerson Why?
Polley, Mei-YinPerson Why?
Polley, EricPerson Why?
Hedeker, DonaldPerson Why?
Using multivariate mixed-effects selection models for analyzing batch-processed proteomics data with non-ignorable missingness.Academic Article Why?
A three-level mixed-effects location scale model with an application to ecological momentary assessment data.Academic Article Why?
Andrew C. Leon, Ph.D. (1951-2012).Academic Article Why?
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