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Olopade, OlufunmilayoPerson Why?
Huo, DezhengPerson Why?
Yao, KatharinePerson Why?
Giger, Maryellen L.Person Why?
[Intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy with docetaxel for locally advanced breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer].Academic Article Why?
Body fat distribution and breast cancer risk: findings from the Nigerian breast cancer study.Academic Article Why?
Common breast cancer susceptibility loci are associated with triple-negative breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Risk factors for pregnancy-associated breast cancer: a report from the Nigerian Breast Cancer Study.Academic Article Why?
Survival Outcomes and Pathologic Features Among Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Developed a Contralateral Breast Cancer.Academic Article Why?
The impact of contralateral breast cancer on the outcome of breast cancer patients treated by mastectomy.Academic Article Why?
Polygenic Risk Scores for Prediction of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Subtypes.Academic Article Why?
Ahsan, HabibulPerson Why?
Bao, JeanPerson Why?
Nanda, RitaPerson Why?
Karczmar, GregoryPerson Why?
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