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Breast reconstruction and lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
[Abdominal morbidity following TRAM flap breast reconstruction--patient-reported outcome measures].Academic Article Why?
Advanced Age Does Not Worsen Recovery or Long-Term Morbidity After Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
An algorithmic approach to simultaneous vascularized lymph node transfer with microvascular breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Autologous breast reconstruction with the extended latissimus dorsi flap.Academic Article Why?
Breast reconstruction in older women: advantages of autogenous tissue.Academic Article Why?
Breast reconstruction in the patient with stable, metastatic breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Breast Reconstruction with SIEA Flaps: A Single-Institution Experience with 145 Free Flaps.Academic Article Why?
Choosing the optimal timing for contralateral symmetry procedures after unilateral free flap breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Comparing five alternative methods of breast reconstruction surgery: a cost-effectiveness analysis.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of donor-site morbidity of SIEA, DIEP, and muscle-sparing TRAM flaps for breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of immediate and delayed free TRAM flap breast reconstruction in patients receiving postmastectomy radiation therapy.Academic Article Why?
Complications in smokers after postmastectomy tissue expander/implant breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Comprehensive analysis of donor-site morbidity in abdominally based free flap breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
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