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Savage, PeterPerson Why?
Cellular liaisons of natural killer lymphocytes in immunology and immunotherapy of cancer.Academic Article Why?
Workshop on challenges, insights, and future directions for mouse and humanized models in cancer immunology and immunotherapy: a report from the associated programs of the 2016 annual meeting for the Society for Immunotherapy of cancer.Academic Article Why?
Microfluidic single-cell analysis for systems immunology.Academic Article Why?
Fung, JohnPerson Why?
Schreiber, HansPerson Why?
Alegre, Maria-LuisaPerson Why?
Liu, HongtaoPerson Why?
Chmura, StevenPerson Why?
Pitroda, SeanPerson Why?
UChicago Interdisciplinary Cancer Health Disparities SPOREGrant Why?
Proceedings from the National Cancer Institute's Second International Workshop on the Biology, Prevention, and Treatment of Relapse after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: part II. Autologous Transplantation-novel agents and immunomodulatory strategies.Academic Article Why?
Weichselbaum, RalphPerson Why?
Editorial overview: tumour immunology.Academic Article Why?
The immunology of ablative radiation.Academic Article Why?
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