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Limits to Causal Inference with State-Space Reconstruction for Infectious Disease.Academic Article Why?
Inference for causal interactions for continuous exposures under dichotomization.Academic Article Why?
Reasoning about causal relationships: Inferences on causal networks.Academic Article Why?
Causal inferences regarding prenatal alcohol exposure and childhood externalizing problems.Academic Article Why?
Polley, EricPerson Why?
Do people reason rationally about causally related events? Markov violations, weak inferences, and failures of explaining away.Academic Article Why?
Morozova, OlgaPerson Why?
Conte Center for Computational Systems Genomics of Neuropsychiatric PhenotypesGrant Why?
Effects of Ambulance, Transport Distance, and Hospital Destination on Health Outcomes of Out-of-Hospital Medical EmergenciesGrant Why?
Examining differential effects of obesity on inflammation in ex-smokers to understand racial disparities in cancer riskGrant Why?
Cobey, Sarah E.Person Why?
Chattopadhyay, IshanuPerson Why?
Rottman, BenjaminPerson Why?
Mechanisms for the evolution of novel DNA specificity in a transcription factor fGrant Why?
Rzhetsky, AndreyPerson Why?
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