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IER3IP1 deficiency leads to increased ß-cell death and decreased ß-cell proliferation.Academic Article Why?
Du, WeiPerson Why?
Protein kinase C delta inhibits Caco-2 cell proliferation by selective changes in cell cycle and cell death regulators.Academic Article Why?
TP508 accelerates fracture repair by promoting cell growth over cell death.Academic Article Why?
Gajewski, Thomas F.Person Why?
Beta-cell death and proliferation after intermittent hypoxia: role of oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Radiation-induced equilibrium is a balance between tumor cell proliferation and T cell-mediated killing.Academic Article Why?
Yuan, Chun-SuPerson Why?
Characterization of ERK8, a new MAPK in LungGrant Why?
A novel classification of lung cancer into molecular subtypes.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variants associated with carboplatin-induced cytotoxicity in cell lines derived from Africans.Academic Article Why?
m6A mRNA demethylase FTO regulates melanoma tumorigenicity and response to anti-PD-1 blockade.Academic Article Why?
Microglia turnover with aging and in an Alzheimer's model via long-term in vivo single-cell imaging.Academic Article Why?
Nestin is required for the proper self-renewal of neural stem cells.Academic Article Why?
The cross roles of sphingosine kinase 1/2 and ceramide glucosyltransferase in cell growth and death.Academic Article Why?
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