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Inflammation and cell-cell interactions in airway hyperresponsiveness.Academic Article Why?
Escherichia coli K-12 cell-cell interactions seen by time-lapse video.Academic Article Why?
Tyrosine phosphorylation of a gap junction protein correlates with inhibition of cell-to-cell communication.Academic Article Why?
Cell-cell communication in filamentous cyanobacteria.Academic Article Why?
Automated co-culture system for spatiotemporal analysis of cell-to-cell communication.Academic Article Why?
Carrillo, RobertPerson Why?
Cell-cell interactions of isolated and cultured oligodendrocytes: formation of linear occluding junctions and expression of peculiar intramembrane particles.Academic Article Why?
Computer image analysis of cell-cell interactions in human renal tissue by using multi-channel immunoflourescent confocal microscopyAcademic Article Why?
Two- and three-dimensional co-culture models of soft tissue healing: pericyte-endothelial cell interaction.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of T:B cell interactions by the inducible costimulator molecule: does ICOS "induce" disease?Academic Article Why?
Real-time immune cell interactions in target tissue during autoimmune-induced damage and graft tolerance.Academic Article Why?
Multimodal single-cell omics analysis identifies epithelium-immune cell interactions and immune vulnerability associated with sex differences in COVID-19.Academic Article Why?
Automated cell cluster analysis provides insight into multi-cell-type interactions between immune cells and their targets.Academic Article Why?
Muscle cell communication in development and repair.Academic Article Why?
Bi-directional interactions of prostate cancer cells and bone marrow endothelial cells in three-dimensional culture.Academic Article Why?
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