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Cytokinesis: centralspindlin moonlights as a membrane anchor.Academic Article Why?
An ECT2-centralspindlin complex regulates the localization and function of RhoA.Academic Article Why?
Aurora B kinase promotes cytokinesis by inducing centralspindlin oligomers that associate with the plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Centralspindlin: at the heart of cytokinesis.Academic Article Why?
Clustering of centralspindlin is essential for its accumulation to the central spindle and the midbody.Academic Article Why?
Cooperative assembly of CYK-4/MgcRacGAP and ZEN-4/MKLP1 to form the centralspindlin complex.Academic Article Why?
Cortical recruitment of centralspindlin and RhoA effectors during meiosis I of Caenorhabditiselegans primary spermatocytes.Academic Article Why?
PLK1 plays dual roles in centralspindlin regulation during cytokinesis.Academic Article Why?
Glotzer, Michael A.Person Why?
Binding of the CYK-4 subunit of the centralspindlin complex induces a large scale conformational change in the kinesin subunit.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Dissection of CytokinesisGrant Why?
Perozo, EduardoPerson Why?
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