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Polycomb proteins control proliferation and transformation independently of cell cycle checkpoints by regulating DNA replication.Academic Article Why?
Cell Cycle CheckpointsConcept Why?
G1 Phase Cell Cycle CheckpointsConcept Why?
G2 Phase Cell Cycle CheckpointsConcept Why?
M Phase Cell Cycle CheckpointsConcept Why?
S Phase Cell Cycle CheckpointsConcept Why?
Kron, Stephen J.Person Why?
Attenuation of G2-phase cell cycle checkpoint control is associated with increased frequencies of unrejoined chromosome breaks in human tumor cells.Academic Article Why?
Relative contribution of DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoints, and cell death to survival after DNA damage in Drosophila larvae.Academic Article Why?
The interplay between nonhomologous end-joining and cell cycle checkpoint factors in development, genomic stability, and tumorigenesis.Academic Article Why?
A cell cycle and nutritional checkpoint controlling bacterial surface adhesion.Academic Article Why?
Cell cycle arrest in a model of colistin nephrotoxicity.Academic Article Why?
DNA resection proteins Sgs1 and Exo1 are required for G1 checkpoint activation in budding yeast.Academic Article Why?
Hypoxia induced hERG trafficking defect linked to cell cycle arrest in SH-SY5Y cells.Academic Article Why?
Immune Checkpoint Blockade: A New Era for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
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