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Genome-wide association of Yorkie with chromatin and chromatin-remodeling complexes.Academic Article Why?
Ruthenburg, Alexander J.Person Why?
Capture of associated targets on chromatin links long-distance chromatin looping to transcriptional coordination.Academic Article Why?
Chromatin boundaries and chromatin domains.Academic Article Why?
Tubulin-chromatin interactions: evidence for tubulin-binding sites on chromatin and isolated oligonucleosomes.Academic Article Why?
3D chromatin interactions organize Yan chromatin occupancy and repression at the even-skipped locus.Academic Article Why?
Chromatin accessibility dynamics in a model of human forebrain development.Academic Article Why?
A map of open chromatin in human pancreatic islets.Academic Article Why?
Social status alters chromatin accessibility and the gene regulatory response to glucocorticoid stimulation in rhesus macaques.Academic Article Why?
Dimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 36 demarcates regulatory and nonregulatory chromatin genome-wide.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation precedes chromatin modifications under the influence of the strain-specific modifier Ssm1.Academic Article Why?
Multivalent engagement of chromatin modifications by linked binding modules.Academic Article Why?
Binding of chromatin-modifying activities to phosphorylated histone H2A at DNA damage sites.Academic Article Why?
Nanoscale changes in chromatin organization represent the initial steps of tumorigenesis: a transmission electron microscopy study.Academic Article Why?
Progress and challenges in profiling the dynamics of chromatin and transcription factor binding with DNA microarrays.Academic Article Why?
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