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Impact of Cleft Palate on Tongue-Based Upper Airway Obstruction in Pierre Robin Sequence: Implications for Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis and Timing of Cleft Palate Repair.Academic Article Why?
Long-Term Otologic and Audiometric Outcomes in Patients with Cleft Palate.Academic Article Why?
The case of early bone grafting in cleft lip and cleft palate.Academic Article Why?
Tissue engineering in cleft palate and other congenital malformations.Academic Article Why?
Cleft palate and hypopituitarism in a patient with Noonan-like syndrome with loose anagen hair-1.Academic Article Why?
Cleft palate: confirmation of prenatal diagnosis by colour Doppler ultrasound.Academic Article Why?
Familial lissencephaly with cleft palate and severe cerebellar hypoplasia.Academic Article Why?
Cranial neural crest deletion of VEGFa causes cleft palate with aberrant vascular and bone development.Academic Article Why?
Cleft PalateConcept Why?
Overt cleft palate phenotype and TBX1 genotype correlations in velo-cardio-facial/DiGeorge/22q11.2 deletion syndrome patients.Academic Article Why?
Expanding the spectrum of microdeletion 4q21 syndrome: a partial phenotype with incomplete deletion of the minimal critical region and a new association with cleft palate and Pierre Robin sequence.Academic Article Why?
Reid, Russell R.Person Why?
Role of facial artery musculomucosal flap in large and recurrent palatal fistulae.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative 3D maxillary arch evaluation of two different infant managements for unilateral cleft lip and palate.Academic Article Why?
Design and fabrication of a generic 3D-printed silicone unilateral cleft lip and palate model.Academic Article Why?
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