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Clinical decision support systems and infection prevention: to know is not enough.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Decision Support Systems: An Innovative Approach to Enhancing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.Academic Article Why?
Partitioning knowledge bases between advanced notification and clinical decision support systems.Academic Article Why?
Decision Support Systems, ClinicalConcept Why?
Umscheid, CraigPerson Why?
O'Donnell, Peter H.Person Why?
Kao, Cheng-KaiPerson Why?
A Decision Support Tool to Reduce Overtesting for Ceruloplasmin and Improve Adherence With Clinical Guidelines.Academic Article Why?
A Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Development, Implementation, and Impact on Clinical Practice.Academic Article Why?
A Positive Study Despite Negative Results.Academic Article Why?
A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Electronic Clinical Decision Support Tool for Inpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship.Academic Article Why?
An integrative model for in-silico clinical-genomics discovery science.Academic Article Why?
Can computerized decision support help patients make complex treatment decisions? A randomized controlled trial of an individualized menopause decision aid.Academic Article Why?
Clinical decision support improves physician guideline adherence for laboratory monitoring of chronic kidney disease: a matched cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Clinical decision support to avoid adverse drug events with anticoagulants.Academic Article Why?
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