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Evaluation of a Brief Survey Instrument for Assessing Subtle Differences in Cognitive Function Among Older Adults.Academic Article Why?
Telomere length and cognitive function in community-dwelling elders: findings from the Health ABC Study.Academic Article Why?
Grant, Jon E.Person Why?
Physical activity and cognitive function in bariatric surgery candidates.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive Testing of Cognitive Function based on multi-dimensional Item Response TheoryGrant Why?
A Prospective Evaluation of Systemic Biomarkers and Cognitive Function Associated with Carotid Revascularization.Academic Article Why?
Bidirectional relationship between cognitive function and pneumonia.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive function after bariatric surgery: evidence for improvement 3 years after surgery.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive function and biological correlates of cognitive performance in schizotypal personality disorder.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive function predicts 24-month weight loss success after bariatric surgery.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive function predicts weight loss after bariatric surgery.Academic Article Why?
Education, wealth, and cognitive function in later life.Academic Article Why?
Neuropsychological correlates of central monoamine function in chronic schizophrenia: relationship between CSF metabolites and cognitive function.Academic Article Why?
Statins and cognitive function: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
The role of cognitive function in postoperative weight loss outcomes: 36-month follow-up.Academic Article Why?
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