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An adaptive randomized trial of dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy for binge-eating.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive behavior therapy with children: has clinical utility been demonstrated?Academic Article Why?
Integrating cognitive therapy and medications in treating bulimia nervosa.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive TherapyConcept Why?
A trial of a relapse prevention strategy in women with bulimia nervosa who respond to cognitive-behavior therapy.Academic Article Why?
Examination of early group dynamics and treatment outcome in a randomized controlled trial of group cognitive behavior therapy for binge eating disorder.Academic Article Why?
Asvat, YasminPerson Why?
Cognitive-behavioral group therapy for intermittent explosive disorder: description and preliminary analysis.Academic Article Why?
Young, MatthewPerson Why?
Vas, ShonaPerson Why?
Wildes, JenniferPerson Why?
Mitchell, James W.Person Why?
McCloskey, MichaelPerson Why?
Grant, Jon E.Person Why?
Lahey, BenjaminPerson Why?
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