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What imitation tells us about social cognition: a rapprochement between developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive neuroscience: sensory noise drives bad decisions.Academic Article Why?
Emerging Opportunities for Advancing Cognitive Neuroscience.Academic Article Why?
Shared representations between self and other: a social cognitive neuroscience view.Academic Article Why?
When the self represents the other: a new cognitive neuroscience view on psychological identification.Academic Article Why?
Nusbaum, HowardPerson Why?
The development of cognitive empathy and concern in preschool children: A behavioral neuroscience investigation.Academic Article Why?
Weaving the fabric of social interaction: articulating developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in the domain of motor cognition.Academic Article Why?
Decety, JeanPerson Why?
Antipsychotic Effects on Top Down Control of Sensory Processing in SchizophreniaGrant Why?
The VETSA longitudinal twin study of cognition and agingGrant Why?
Freedman, DavidPerson Why?
Jacobson, KristenPerson Why?
Kaufman, MatthewPerson Why?
Hunter, ScottPerson Why?
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