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Tobacco use and increased colorectal cancer risk in patients with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (Lynch syndrome).Academic Article Why?
Kupfer, SoniaPerson Why?
Roy, HemantPerson Why?
Rubin, DavidPerson Why?
Yuan, Chun-SuPerson Why?
Mutation spectrum and risk of colorectal cancer in African American families with Lynch syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Wang, Chong-ZhiPerson Why?
Polite, BlasePerson Why?
Schilsky, RichardPerson Why?
Turaga, KiranPerson Why?
Increasing colorectal cancer screening adherence: comment on "A randomized comparison of print and web communication on colorectal cancer screening".Academic Article Why?
Oral fluoropyrimidine treatment of colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Phase II trial of 150-minute weekly infusion of gemcitabine in advanced colorectal cancer: minimal activity in colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Localizing colorectal cancer by colonoscopy.Academic Article Why?
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