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Gilliam, MelissaPerson Why?
Effects of combination birth control on estrous behavior in captive western lowland gorillas, Gorilla gorilla gorilla.Academic Article Why?
Access To Birth Control At Community Pharmacies: The Authors Reply.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Approach to Postpartum Contraception Provision Combined with Infant Care: A Randomized, Controlled Trial.Academic Article Why?
Sexual, relationship, contraceptive and personal factors influencing emergency contraception use: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent Contraception Use after Pregnancy, an Opportunity for Improvement.Academic Article Why?
Contraception for the adolescent patient.Academic Article Why?
Whitaker, AmyPerson Why?
Involuntary Fertility ControlConcept Why?
To Decrease Unintended Pregnancies, Decrease Monetary and Nonmonetary Barriers to Hormonal Contraception.Academic Article Why?
Contraception.Academic Article Why?
Adolescents, contraception and confidentiality: a national survey of obstetrician--gynecologists.Academic Article Why?
Correlates of use of long-acting reversible methods of contraception among adolescent and young adult women.Academic Article Why?
Obstetrician-gynecologist physicians' beliefs about emergency contraception: a national survey.Academic Article Why?
Emergency contraception after sexual assault: changes in provision from 2004 to 2009.Academic Article Why?
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