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Charles Edgar Metz, Ph.D. (1942-2012): pioneer in receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis.Academic Article Why?
On the shape of the population ROC curve.Academic Article Why?
[Effect of signal selection in receiver operating characteristics (ROC) analysis].Academic Article Why?
[Judgment of the efficacy of digital image diagnosis and ROC analysis].Academic Article Why?
BI-RADS data should not be used to estimate ROC curves.Academic Article Why?
Doi, KunioPerson Why?
Shiraishi, JunjiPerson Why?
Computer-aided detection of peripheral lung cancers missed at CT: ROC analyses without and with localization.Academic Article Why?
Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis of Image Search-and-Localize Tasks.Academic Article Why?
ROC analysis of detection of metastatic pulmonary nodules on digital chest radiographs with temporal subtraction.Academic Article Why?
ROC Curve for Extremely Subtle Lung Nodules on Chest Radiographs Confirmed by CT Scan.Academic Article Why?
ROC analysis of observer-response subjective rating data--application to periodontal radiograph assessment.Academic Article Why?
ROC CurveConcept Why?
[A test method for assessing statistical significance for differences between modalities using multi-reader multi-case ROC analysis].Academic Article Why?
[ROC analysis of detection of interval changes in interstitial lung diseases on digital chest radiographs using the temporal subtraction technique].Academic Article Why?
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