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Gack, MichaelaPerson Why?
DEAD-box RNA HelicasesConcept Why?
Staley, Jonathan P.Person Why?
A phosphomimetic-based mechanism of dengue virus to antagonize innate immunity.Academic Article Why?
Autoimmune disease risk variant of IFIH1 is associated with increased sensitivity to IFN-a and serologic autoimmunity in lupus patients.Academic Article Why?
Conventional protein kinase C-a (PKC-a) and PKC-ß negatively regulate RIG-I antiviral signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Cytosolic viral sensor RIG-I is a 5'-triphosphate-dependent translocase on double-stranded RNA.Academic Article Why?
DDX39B interacts with the pattern recognition receptor pathway to inhibit NF-?B and sensitize to alkylating chemotherapy.Academic Article Why?
DEAD on.Academic Article Why?
Dephosphorylation of the RNA sensors RIG-I and MDA5 by the phosphatase PP1 is essential for innate immune signaling.Academic Article Why?
Dicer expression and microRNA dysregulation associate with aggressive features in thyroid cancer.Academic Article Why?
Exome sequencing of pleuropulmonary blastoma reveals frequent biallelic loss of TP53 and two hits in DICER1 resulting in retention of 5p-derived miRNA hairpin loop sequences.Academic Article Why?
Inherited and Somatic Defects in DDX41 in Myeloid Neoplasms.Academic Article Why?
Isolation and characterization of Vasa in the frog Rana rugosa.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of RIG-I-like receptor activation and manipulation by viral pathogens.Academic Article Why?
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