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The Role of DNMT3B in the DNA Methylation of Cancer CellsGrant Why?
Godley, LucyPerson Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Pierce, Brandon L.Person Why?
A comparison of gene expression and DNA methylation patterns across tissues and species.Academic Article Why?
DNA Methylation Controls Metastasis-Suppressive 14q32-Encoded miRNAs.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation entropy as a measure of stem cell replication and aging.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation profiles of diverse Brachypodium distachyon align with underlying genetic diversity.Academic Article Why?
Increased DNA methylation of Dnmt3b targets impairs leukemogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Associations between antenatal maternal asthma status and placental DNA methylation.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial infection remodels the DNA methylation landscape of human dendritic cells.Academic Article Why?
Computational Analysis of High-Dimensional DNA Methylation Data for Cancer Prognosis.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation and hormone receptor status in breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation assay for X-chromosome inactivation in female human iPS cells.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation in inflammatory genes among children with obstructive sleep apnea.Academic Article Why?
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