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He, ChuanPerson Why?
Godley, LucyPerson Why?
DREAM: A Simple Method for DNA Methylation Profiling by High-throughput Sequencing.Academic Article Why?
A comparison of gene expression and DNA methylation patterns across tissues and species.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of DNA methylation in a three-generation family reveals widespread genetic influence on epigenetic regulation.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic Exposure and Epigenetic Alterations: Recent Findings Based on the Illumina 450K DNA Methylation Array.Academic Article Why?
Association of Arsenic Exposure with Whole Blood DNA Methylation: An Epigenome-Wide Study of Bangladeshi Adults.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial infection remodels the DNA methylation landscape of human dendritic cells.Academic Article Why?
Candidate gene DNA methylation associations with breast cancer characteristics and tumor progression.Academic Article Why?
Correlative gene expression and DNA methylation profiling in lung development nominate new biomarkers in lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Cumulative lifetime maternal stress and epigenome-wide placental DNA methylation in the PRISM cohort.Academic Article Why?
Dissecting the role of aberrant DNA methylation in human leukaemia.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation analysis of ALOX12 and GSTM1 in acute myeloid leukaemia identifies prognostically significant groups.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation and hormone receptor status in breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
DNA methylation assay for X-chromosome inactivation in female human iPS cells.Academic Article Why?
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