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Alignment of recombination sites in Hin-mediated site-specific DNA recombination.Academic Article Why?
[DNA recombination in vitro initiated by Ca/Mg-dependent endonuclease from cell nuclei of human splenocytes].Academic Article Why?
Bishop, Douglas K.Person Why?
Rice, Phoebe A.Person Why?
Inhibition of Recombination DNA Repair in Pancreatic Cancer CellsGrant Why?
Origination of chimeric genes through DNA-level recombination.Academic Article Why?
USP22 Interacts with PALB2 and Promotes Chemotherapy Resistance via Homologous Recombination of DNA Double-Strand Breaks.Academic Article Why?
New insight into site-specific recombination from Flp recombinase-DNA structures.Academic Article Why?
Late embryonic lethality and impaired V(D)J recombination in mice lacking DNA ligase IV.Academic Article Why?
Fen-1 facilitates homologous recombination by removing divergent sequences at DNA break ends.Academic Article Why?
DNA ligase IV and artemis act cooperatively to suppress homologous recombination in human cells: implications for DNA double-strand break repair.Academic Article Why?
Excision and recombination of adenovirus DNA fragments in Escherichia coli.Academic Article Why?
Artemis C-terminal region facilitates V(D)J recombination through its interactions with DNA Ligase IV and DNA-PKcs.Academic Article Why?
Hypersensitivity of nonhomologous DNA end-joining mutants to VP-16 and ICRF-193: implications for the repair of topoisomerase II-mediated DNA damage.Academic Article Why?
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