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Big Data and Data Science in Critical Care.Academic Article Why?
Using a data science approach to predict cocaine use frequency from depressive symptoms.Academic Article Why?
A Case for Data Commons: Toward Data Science as a Service.Academic Article Why?
IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics (now IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science)Academic Article Why?
Medicine-Computational Biomedicine and Biomedical Data ScienceDepartment Why?
The medical science DMZ: a network design pattern for data-intensive medical science.Academic Article Why?
100th Anniversary of Macromolecular Science Viewpoint: Data-Driven Protein Design.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers: Scientific Drivers for Informatics, Data Science, and Care in Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Identifying influential neighbors in social networks and venue affiliations among young MSM: a data science approach to predict HIV infection.Academic Article Why?
Polley, EricPerson Why?
Grossman, RobertPerson Why?
Radiogenomics: radiobiology enters the era of big data and team science.Academic Article Why?
Chattopadhyay, IshanuPerson Why?
Novembre, JohnPerson Why?
Clickstream data yields high-resolution maps of science.Academic Article Why?
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