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Ross, LainiePerson Why?
Integrating shared decision making into trial consent: A nested, cluster-randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Decision Making Requires Both Guidance and Intervention Principles.Academic Article Why?
How Should Shared Decision Making Be Taught?Academic Article Why?
Sulmasy, DanielPerson Why?
"Surgery is certainly one good option": quality and time-efficiency of informed decision-making in surgery.Academic Article Why?
A category-free neural population supports evolving demands during decision-making.Academic Article Why?
A Developmental Neuroscience Study of Moral Decision Making Regarding Resource Allocation.Academic Article Why?
A taxonomy of rapid reviews links report types and methods to specific decision-making contexts.Academic Article Why?
Abusive Head Trauma and Parental Participation in Pediatric Decision Making.Academic Article Why?
Actual involvement vs preference for involvement as an indicator of shared decision making-reply.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Barriers to Shared Decision Making Among Latino LGBTQ Patients and Healthcare Providers in Clinical Settings.Academic Article Why?
Amping up effort: effects of d-amphetamine on human effort-based decision-making.Academic Article Why?
Approaches to end-of-life decision-making in the NICU: insights from Dostoevsky's The Grand Inquisitor.Academic Article Why?
Are there racial differences in patients' shared decision-making preferences and behaviors among patients with diabetes?Academic Article Why?
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