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Comparison of machine learning and deep learning for view identification from cardiac magnetic resonance images.Academic Article Why?
Representation learning: a unified deep learning framework for automatic prostate MR segmentation.Academic Article Why?
Report on the AAPM deep-learning sparse-view CT grand challenge.Academic Article Why?
DeepG4: A deep learning approach to predict cell-type specific active G-quadruplex regions.Academic Article Why?
Utility of a Deep-Learning Algorithm to Guide Novices to Acquire Echocardiograms for Limited Diagnostic Use.Academic Article Why?
Combining patient visual timelines with deep learning to predict mortality.Academic Article Why?
Fully interpretable deep learning model of transcriptional control.Academic Article Why?
A deep learning methodology for improved breast cancer diagnosis using multiparametric MRI.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of head CT scans flagged by deep learning software for acute intracranial hemorrhage.Academic Article Why?
Bayesian deep learning outperforms clinical trial estimators of intracerebral and intraventricular hemorrhage volume.Academic Article Why?
Clinical-Grade Detection of Microsatellite Instability in Colorectal Tumors by Deep Learning.Academic Article Why?
Deep learning can predict microsatellite instability directly from histology in gastrointestinal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Deep Learning Demonstrates Potential for Lung Cancer Detection in Chest Radiography.Academic Article Why?
Deep learning detects genetic alterations in cancer histology generated by adversarial networks.Academic Article Why?
Deep learning in cancer pathology: a new generation of clinical biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
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