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Comparison between patient and surgeon perception of degenerative spine disease outcomes--a prospective blinded database study.Academic Article Why?
Degenerative spine disease : pathologic findings in 985 surgical specimens.Academic Article Why?
Surgery for degenerative lumbar spine disease.Academic Article Why?
Lee, Michael JihoonPerson Why?
The impact of obesity on surgeon ratings and patient-reported outcome measures after degenerative cervical spine disease surgery.Academic Article Why?
Measuring surgical outcomes in subaxial degenerative cervical spine disease patients: minimum clinically important difference as a tool for determining meaningful clinical improvement.Academic Article Why?
Usefulness of minimum clinically important difference for assessing patients with subaxial degenerative cervical spine disease: statistical versus substantial clinical benefit.Academic Article Why?
Surgery for degenerative cervical myelopathy: a patient-centered quality of life and health economic evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Lam, SandiPerson Why?
Degenerative lumbar spinal instability: technical aspects of operative treatment.Academic Article Why?
Pytel, PeterPerson Why?
Potential use of Sox9 gene therapy for intervertebral degenerative disc disease.Academic Article Why?
Wollmann, RobertPerson Why?
Krausz, Thomas N.Person Why?
Gupta, PurnenduPerson Why?
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